Blue Balcony is a New Delhi based multi-disciplinary design studio, established in 2018. With expertise in Architecture, Interior & Product Design; the studio is tactful to the functional and physical approach of the project.

Offering multiple segments under a single roof is planned to provide a hassle-free experience to the clients. The design studio specializes in residential & commercial architecture, exhibition design, interiors & hospitality design with multiple ranges of alluring home decor products & furniture for the interiors.

It is our endeavor to provide our patrons with the most sustainable, biophilic, cutting-edge and cost-effective design solutions of form and functionality. We have been working on numerous key projects and have set up a highly qualified team of architects, interior designers and product designers. This is well collaborated with workmanship to undertake the design and execution of architectural, landscape and interior design projects, together with the construction of our own refined and customized furniture & products.

About Us

“Pursuing a degree is not the end of achievements, the journey starts there.” This was the same for the founders of Blue Balcony. The thoughts and goals they had in mind were not being worked on the ground level, which needed a platform to be recognized among the people and society. The aim was not just to build a brand, but Blue Balcony is a platform which intends to enhance the society.

The conceptual design studio was developed in the year 2018 at Champagali that is nestled in South Delhi. The founders, in collaboration with their team members have successfully completed multiple architectural and interior projects in addition with sustainable home decor products and furnitures. The team has innovated the techniques to build resin lamps, becoming the only designers in the country to produce the same.


“Transiting everyday life to alluring memories”

We are in an era where people are shrinking into a shell of technology, making their lives swift and nature divasted. Using electronic gadgets is the new cool among the youngsters, which might lead to an increased stress level and the trendy culture of working from home could make their lives monotonous.

Blue Balcony is concerned with the physical and mental health of the society. We are devoted to designing the lives of our clients to be functional and recreational.


“Creating meaningful, innovative & holistic experiences”

Every individual dreams to have a luxurious lifestyle. It is our endeavor to provide our clients with sustainable and cost-effective solutions of form & functionality. No matter where people travel, spending most of the time back at home is the priority. Therefore we intend to create biophilic living spaces, making people mentally fresh and enthusiastic.

The design studio intends to transform the lifestyle of its patrons by providing a space that is comfortable and functional, with luxury and elegance. Our work is unusual with its commitment to both design and execution.

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