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    Wooden Bunny Kids Study Chair 3,590.00

    Introducing Wooden Bunny Kids Study Chair, a stylish and functional addition to any nursery or playroom. Crafted from solid white-ash wood, it offers comfort and support for children during study or play. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort, while its compact size allows for easy movement and clean-up. Let your child enjoy studying or relaxing in style with this charming chair.

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    Blush Bunny Kids Chair 3,590.00

    Introducing the Blushing Bunny Retro Kids Chair, a charming blend of style and functionality perfect for little girls’ spaces! Crafted from white-ash wood, its pink hue adds a delightful touch. Ideal for study, play, or relaxation, its ergonomic design ensures comfort. The compact size enables easy movement and cleanup, empowering children to assist. Elevate any preschool or nursery with this stylish and practical addition. Let your little one’s imagination flourish in comfort and style with the Blushing Bunny Retro Kids Chair.

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    Marine Bunny Chair 3,590.00

    Introducing the Marine Bunny Kids Chair,a whimsical tribute to marine life, crafted from white-ash wood in a serene sea green hue. Inspired by marine plants, it’s the perfect spot for kids to study, play, or relax. With ergonomic dimensions ensuring utmost comfort, and a compact design facilitating easy cleanup, children can lend a hand in tidying up. Elevate any kindergarten or playroom with this fun and functional addition. Let your child’s imagination set sail with the Marine Bunny Kids Chair, bringing the wonders of the ocean to their space in comfort and style.

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    Candy Rocky Kids Chair 8,090.00

    Meet the Candy Rocky Kids Chair, a delightful fusion of fun and comfort, tailor-made for your little one’s haven! Whether it’s nestled in the nursery or gracing your living room, this adorable rocking chair adds a playful vibe. Designed with plush upholstery, it ensures blissful seating for those endless play sessions or serene moments of relaxation. Its compact form facilitates easy cleanup, empowering children to take charge. Engineered to meet kindergarten furniture standards, this kid’s rocking chair exudes durability and charm in equal measure. Let the Candy Rocky Kids Chair infuse your child’s space with joy and tranquility, creating endless sweet memories!

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    Kid’s Snow Panda Sofa 14,300.00

    Introducing the “Snow Panda” Kids Sofa and Study Chair, a playful fusion of comfort and creativity inspired by adorable baby pandas. Designed with ample space for children to relax during extended sitting sessions, this sofa doubles as a perfect addition to both the nursery and your living room. With its charming blue hue and versatile design, the “Snow Panda” adds a touch of whimsy to any space, making it ideal for playtime or study sessions.

  • Kid’s Eggshell Sofa 11,990.00

    Introducing the Eggshell Kids Sofa – a delightful blend of comfort and style, perfect for your child’s nursery or playroom! This isn’t just any simple chair; it’s a spacious sofa designed with your little one in mind. Inspired by the egg’s natural form, it offers ample room for kids to settle in and enjoy extended periods of sitting, whether they’re reading, playing, or simply relaxing. Crafted with their comfort in mind, this sofa is an ideal addition to any child’s space. Elevate your nursery with the Eggshell Kids Sofa – where coziness meets fun! Available in Blue Balcony, it’s not just a chair; it’s a cherished spot for your child’s moments of joy and relaxation.

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    Snow Scandi Kids Chair 5,750.00

    It’s more than just a chair; it’s a cozy sofa! Inspired by adorable baby pandas, this Snow Scandi Kids Chair offers ample space for kids to lounge comfortably for extended periods. Perfect for your child’s nursery, it also adds a touch of uniqueness to your living room decor. Whether for relaxing or studying, this versatile piece serves as both a sofa and a study chair, making it an essential addition to any child’s space.

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    Pink Moon Kids Chair 7,190.00

    Introducing the Pink Moon Kids Chair, a versatile piece blending comfort and style. Perfect Kid’s Sofa for study sessions or playtime, its ergonomic design ensures optimal support during long hours. Upholstered for plushness, it promises cozy relaxation. Let your child unwind in luxury with this essential addition to any kid’s space.

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Blue Balcony is a New Delhi based multi-disciplinary design studio, established in 2018. With expertise in Architecture, Interior & Furniture Design; the studio is tactful to the functional and physical approach of the project.

Offering multiple segments under a single roof is planned to provide a hassle-free experience to the clients. The design studio specializes in residential & commercial architecture, exhibition design, interiors & hospitality design with multiple ranges of alluring home decor products & furniture for the interiors.

It is our endeavor to provide our patrons with the most sustainable, biophilic, cutting-edge and cost-effective design solutions of form and functionality. We have been working on numerous key projects and have set up a highly qualified team of architects, interior designers and product designers. This is well collaborated with workmanship to undertake the design and execution of architectural, landscape and interior design projects, together with the construction of our own refined and customized furniture & products.

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